Verderflex Rollit Twin Series

The Verderflex ROLLIT robust twin unit is designed for industrial applications, which excel in pumping viscous, abrasive solid-laden, high S.G. media and where the process line requires good suction lift and may run dry intermittently. Typically, ROLLIT pumps would be installed where there is a need for higher flow, medium pressure requirements.Also available with digital or mechanical flow regulation, pulsation dampeners and hose leak detection.

The Verderflex Rollit Twin model has all the benefits of the standard model, but with a twin-head operation. The twin-head model allows the customer to double their flow, without having to allow for extra factory floor footprint and energy consumption during operation. This series provides twin-head pumping at 24500 l/h at 2 bar pressure, and 10000 l/h 4 bar discharge pressure.