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Spraying Insecticides

Sanz Hnos were pleased to use the Verderflex M500 OEM pump in their insecticide and fungicide spray systems.The compact and light pump easily fitted into the Sanz Hnos backpack design and the low battery drain from the dc motor made the M500 the perfect choice for a portable pump unit.

Peristaltic design principles mean that any liquid is completely contained within the pump tubing so there is no chance of contamination to other plants and the environment. A range of chemically resistant tubing is also available for the dosing of different insecticides, as needed.

- 12v DC 100 rpm motor fitted with polycarbonate backplate and housing

- Plastic moulded 3 roller rotor

- Tubing 3.2mm x 2.6mm Verderprene with polypropylene connectors