Applications of hose and tube pumps

Hose pumps and tube pumps can be found in a large selection of industries as they provide many solutions to fluid transfer and dosing applications.

Often found in water and wastewater applications, hose pumps are able to handle abrasive fluid with a high solid content. The accurate dosing capability also makes the hose pump the perfect all round pumping solution.

The Verderflex heavy duty hose pump is excellent choice for mining applications when dealing with froth flotation systems or other slurry transfer requirements.

Peristaltic tube pumps offer accurate and programmable dosing of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, as well as in industrial printing and packaging.

Accurate dosing and repeatability make the tube pump the perfect addition to your manufacturing plant or laboratory.

A smaller range of panel mounted peristaltic tube pumps and hose pumps are available for use in Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM). These are designed to fit neatly into your own machinery and are found extensively in vending machines, print presses, dish washes and chemical dosing systems.

Due to the design of a peristaltic hose pump or tube pump there is no chance of contamination from outside sources. This is because the fluid being pumped is totally contained within the hose or tube. The low shear pumping action means liquids with high solid contents or containing live cultures can be pumped. This makes the Verderflex peristaltic pump the most hygienic and efficient pump for food and beverage products.