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Hose Pumps Rinsing Mined Cobalt

Cobalt is a non-metallurgical metal which is being used for the production of Alloys for the ceramics and glass industries (as a pigment). Also in the paint and lacquer industry cobalt is used as a pigment.

Morocco is an important supplier of cobalt for the European industries. To enhance productivity and efficiency a new project is started. To keep up with the demands from the market the facilities for mining cobalt had to be increased.

30 Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps will fulfill an essential role refining the cobalt by transferring of sulfuric acid solution (30%) and ammonia (25%) from the storage and dilution tanks to several reactors and baths. The peristaltic hose pumps will pump these fluids, and especially the sulfuric acid, to rinse the cobalt and to eliminate impurities and separate the cobalt from other materials such as nickel, iron and arsenic in the ore.

This stage in the production process is called electrolysis. The electrolysis ensures that the cobalt is being produced purer and more concentrated.

The capacity of the peristaltic pumps must be adjusted continuously to the pH value of the mined cobalt. This way the exact concentration of sulfuric acid for exactly that specific quantity of cobalt is being pumped. To achieve this precise dosing automatically the pump speed is controlled by a frequency control, that is driven by a pH meter.

Feed pump for filter press:

The process water, left over from the band filtration process, results in a filter cake with residues. The fluids –acididic and abrasive - are caught in collection basins. Another Verderflex peristaltic hose pump functions as a feed pump for a centrifuge and a very fine powder is separated from the process waste water.

Tests on pilot-plant level have resulted in the selection of Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps. The simple, very robust construction of the Verderflex peristaltic pump is excellent for the heavy duty demands in mining.