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Chemical compatibility guide

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Immersion Testing Tube Material
With many proprietary solutions, chemical compatibility can be verified with an immersion test:

  1. Immerse half a tube sample in a closed container for 48 hour.
  2. Then compare against the remaining half for signs of attack, swelling,    embrittlement or any other kind of deterioration – all of which indicate chemical attack or an unsuitable tube material.

Please contact Verderflex for samples of tubing materials.

Immersion Testing Hose Material
To determine whether a solution may have a chemical reaction with a particular hose type, you should run a chemical resistance test. By measuring the changes in the rubber’s hardness and the presence or absence of swelling, it is possible to predict whether a product and a particular VERDERFLEX hose type are compatible. Such a test will give an indication of the rubber’s chemical resistance performance, but it does not determine the hose life or performance, as the specific ratings on hose life and performance can only be deduced from an assessment of the performance of the hose in the pump unit at the specified duty.

 *The information contained in the chemical compatibility guide is believed to be correct. Verderflex accepts no liability for any errors it contains. It is the user's responsibility to ensure chemical compatibility within their application.