Verderflex Vantage 3000

The Verderflex® Vantage 3000 range of tube pumps offer highly accurate, repeatable dosing, for low to medium flow. They are ideally suited for pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.

This simple to use, compact pump, may easily be used on a benchtop and is ideal for the transfer, dosing or metering of abrasive, shear sensitive and highly viscous fluids.
3 Drive Options:
B Model - standard on/off, left/right function
C Model - remotely controlled analogue operation
P Model - dispensing, programmable & remote operation

Flow Rates:
Vantage 3000 EZ - Flows from 0.9 ml/min to 1.31 l/min
Vantage 3000 S10 - Flows from 20 ml/min to 1.78 l/min
Vantage 3000 R3i - Flows from 55 ml/min to 3.25 l/min

3 Head Options:
EZ for 1.6mm (WT) thickness tubing
S10 for 2.4mm (WT) thickness tubing
R3i for 3.2mm (WT) thickness tubing

Technical Overview

FunctionB VersionC VersionP Version
Manual Speed Control

Remote Speed Control
Analogue Inputs (0-10V / 4 to 20mA)
Potentiometer (10kΩ)

Volt Free Contacts (Footswitch) x
Digital Input (RS 232)xx
Speed Ramp (Soft Start)xx
Single shot or Cyclic Dosingxx
Batch Dosingxx
Keypad Lockx
Memory Dosex
10 Dosing Program Memoryxx